Five Young Drummers Breaking YouTube

Gordo Drummer—Busking on buckets in Sydney, Australia.

The passion and enthusiasm — as well as commercial savvy — that young drummers and percussionists deploy to share their skills on social networks is not only impressive, but, in some cases, can also garner wild acclaim and advertising and/or sponsorship revenue.

Many of these success stories revolve around playing cover songs, or offering drum lessons.

But whether you’re an ambitious young person or a mature artist looking to stay engaged and productive during the pandemic, you’d could do worse than to research the five drummers below.

In varying degrees, they either have a ton of YouTube subscribers, or chart hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of views for selected videos.

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to start posting your artistry on YouTube, FB, IG, and Twitter, and gain fans for what you already do so well — which is drumming!

Here are five young YouTube drummers who have made their marks online…

Nur Amira Syahira
2.07M subscribers
5,436,040 views for this video…

Gordo Drummer
941k subscribers
331,036 views for this video…

912K subscribers
581,404 views for this video…

Yoyoka Soma
113K subscribers
1,534,958 views for this video…

Nandi Bushell
24.7K subscribers
1,008,907 views for this video…