Mapex Stay, Learn, and Play at Home Initiative

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In this rapidly changing, extremely challenging time in our market and society, Mapex Drums is responding to drummers who are now spending the bulk of their time at home. Touring players off the road, students home from school, weekend warriors without gigs, or hobbyists who just want to drum.

We have something for all drummers regardless of skill level, professional status, or budget to fill your drumming needs and desires right in your own home.

“We at Mapex have experienced the same set of circumstances that our fellow drummers out there are going through,” states Mapex Brand Manager Jeff Mulvihill. “Our gigs are cancelled, rehearsal spaces are closed, jam sessions with friends can’t responsibly happen, and we just miss drumming. The least that we can do is get creative with our products and prices and try to design experiences for anyone to make Staying at Home, Learning at Home, and Playing at Home as accessible as we can.”

There are several special packages with special prices available under the umbrella of this new campaign that are available through any authorized Mapex Dealer—all coming with an opportunity for free online lessons through Russ Miller’s Percussion Pathway. Advertisement

This is a chance for any drummer to place an order through the retailer of their choice, receive a Mapex set of drums for a great price with a free lesson plan, and all delivered to your home.

As we navigate the changes in our lives through a world-wide health crisis, and social distancing as the current normal, we invite all our brother and sister drummers to Stay at Home, Learn at Home, Play at Home.

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