Dawn Richardson of Elettrodomestico and 4 Non Blondes

Talking About Upcoming Tour, Teaching, and New Instructional Book

Hello MD readers! It’s so great to be back here “On The Beat” and in the community of drummers. I’d like to share some insights about teaching and playing drums and let you know what I’ve been up to!


I wear many hats as a drummer; I know that many of you do as well. I perform, record, teach, and write. That’s what being a “Modern Drummer” means to me. I enjoy all of these aspects of drumming and I think that each complements the other.

When I let students know I need to reschedule their lesson because of a recording session date or a performance/tour, that reinforces the fact that they are studying with someone who actually does what they are learning to do. Writing drum books while teaching is advantageous because I can test the exercises on students instead of writing in a vacuum. Having students of all ages is great because they are constantly bringing in a variety of music. I get a ton of practice transcribing grooves and I’m exposed to music I might not have discovered on my own. Constant transcription and adapting the grooves to real-drum-life usage helps with gigs and sessions where I need to listen and write song forms quickly. Advertisement

Staying flexible, open, and creative throughout is key. Teaching others always helps us to learn more about ourselves not only as players but also as people. Everything loops back around and helps another part of this drumming/life picture. Each aspect enhances the other. The cliché “variety is the spice of life” rings true, I am never bored and rarely find myself with nothing to do.

I do have a few specific things to let you know about, including a new book called Beginner to Band. I think it’s my best to date. It’s a fresh approach with the specific goal of playing music and songs with other band members. I have found this book to be an effective tool, especially for those adult students looking to fast track their skills and get down to playing music. Any age is a great age to start drumming and you don’t need to be a pro to play music and enjoy it. Music is for everyone.

I am also getting ready to tour again with Elettrodomestico featuring the Go Go’s Jane Wiedlin. We have been keeping it minimal with the gear and I have found a pretty great sounding setup using my DW Frequent Flyer kit, minus the rack tom. I have the 12×20 kick, 11×14 floor tom, and 5×14 snare. I love the lighter hardware bag with DW Ultralight 6000 series cymbal stands. I’m also digging the Remo Res-O-Tone batter heads by Ronn Dunnett—it gives a great tone on the small kick. Advertisement

Over and out for now! Thanks for reading and keep on drumming!

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