Ronen Evron of Spirit Animal

Hello Modern Drummer readers! My name is Ronen Evron and I am the drummer of Spirit Animal. Originally hailing from Rishon Le Zion, a city on the coastline of Israel, I began drumming under the auspices of the finest drum teachers there, including David Rich (who also taught Nir Z and Yuval Lion), Sam Vider, and Yossi Buzin. Between being a drummer and a professional skateboarder at the time, I made a decision to devote myself solely to drumming. It was a big decision back then, but I am still a skateboarder at heart.

After playing with the country’s top musicians, performing in festivals, and also teaching, I decided to relocate to the US and pursue my degree in music. Propelled by a scholarship I received from Berklee College of Music in 2003, I graduated in 2007 with a degree in professional music. During my years at Berklee, I studied with my idols and musicians I grew up listening to: Dave Dicenso, Rod Morganstein, Mike Mangini, Kenwood Dennard, Casey Scheuerell, and the late Kim Plainfiled, to name a few. I was always and will always be a student of the drums as a musician and a teacher.

My dream was always to be in a band. I joined Spirit Animal in 2013, when Steve Cooper, SA’s lead singer, approached me after receiving my number through a mutual friend in Los Angeles. And the rest is history. As a band member along with Cal Stamp (lead guitar) and Paul Michael (bass), we have had quite a journey, and like any family, we have many stories that would make a helluva book one day. Advertisement

We have been touring for the better part of 2018/19 and are currently on tour as direct support for the band Theory of a Deadman. The tour will promote our album Reborn Yesterday, which was released on September 20. It is a deluxe edition of our most recent album Born Yesterday and features three new unreleased songs.

Gear wise in the studio I use what works best for the song, and it varies. For live shows with SA this is my current setup.

Drums: Yamaha Rock Tour, 8×12 tom, 15×16 floor tom, 17×22 bass drum, and 6.5×14 Ludwig Supraphonic 404s

Cymbals: Zildjian 14″ New Beat hi-hats, 9″ Oriental Trash splash, 10″ K splash on top of 10″ Oriental China Trash/Stack, 18″ and 19″ K Dark Thin crashes, 18″ Oriental China Trash, and 21″ A Zildjian Sweet ride

Sticks: Vater 5B

Drumheads: Remo PowerStroke 3 bass drum, P77 snare, and Clear Emperors on tom and floor tom

Hardware: Yamaha

Electronics: Roland SPD/SX drum pad, and triggers on bass drum and snare drum

Thank you for reading, drop by and say hello via socials or in person if I am around your area during our up and coming tour. Many thanks to Modern Drummer for giving me the opportunity to be featured in this segment of “On The Beat.” Advertisement

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Photo Credit: Jamie Geysbeek