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Diego Fuchslocher Espinoza


Talks Collaborations and Gear

Hey MD readers, I’m really happy to be writing another “On The Beat!” It is truly rewarding to be a part of the Modern Drummer family.

Last time I checked in, I was dedicated to my job as a session musician for Chilean primetime television shows. I then dedicated myself completely to the Chilean rock scene, playing and collaborating with different icons such as Lopez, Colombina Parra, Piero Duhart, Crettino, and many more. I’ve also continued teaching at my drumming school and performing activities as an international endorser for Zildjian and Tama with Audiomusica.

I’ve had the chance to play on the biggest stages of my country, which have important international prestige—twice in Lollapalooza, La Cumbre del Rock Chileno, Cosquin Rock, and REC among others.

Collaborating with different artists with such a big trajectory is a great responsibility. Understanding creative sensibilities, communication codes, and knowing how to choose the best suitable drumset for the situation is vital, as well as knowing that the song is the most important thing. It is relevant to understand why one is in that place and from there contribute artistically.

A super important key is to interpret the context of the work and be practical. Knowing how to make a good match between what I want and what is required, working as a team, and understanding leadership and roles is fundamental. All that, plus your musical versatility, is a winning combination. Advertisement

Currently my go-to gear includes the Tama Starclassic (maple) drum model and I change the measurements according to the situation. Lately I have been experimenting with an 8×14 snare. As for cymbals, I use Zildjian. I am a big fan of the Avedis series, but I also incorporate elements of the K series, A custom, and FX. It all varies according to the musical situation. For sticks I go with Z5B wood tip and use brushes, mallets, and additional special drumsticks from Zildjian.

As we speak, I’m preparing to go on promotional tours with Crettino and Piero Duhart. Thank you so much for reading! A big hug to the whole Modern Drummer community!

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