February 2017 Issue of Modern Drummer magazine featuring Warpaint's Stella Mozgawa

(Available in print and digitally Dec 29, 2016)

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Volume 41 • Number 2

February 2017 Issue of Modern Drummer magazine featuring Warpaint's Stella MozgawaOn the Cover

Stella Mozgawa

“People are making music in such crazy ways! The levels of involvement and collaboration are so different now.”

Warpaint’s drummer has kept her workload fresh and fulfilling by staying open to any creative method that’s thrown at her. In the process, she’s become one of the most intriguing percussive voices of her generation. ~ by Adam Budofsky



Sure, you can teach an old dog new tricks—if he’s like this rare pro, who’s as hungry for unique experiences at forty-seven as he was at seventeen. ~ by Mike Haid


Does the Atomic Clock ever stop ticking? Not as long as there’s new metal to
be made. And there’s always new metal to be made. ~ by David Ciauro


Fifteen years after landing his breakout gig with Alanis Morissette, he’s extended his real-world experience in multiple directions, including a fresh take on online lessons. ~ by Ilya Stemkovsky


He recently stepped aside from the ragingly artful New York musical institution Swans to concentrate on his significantly more subdued but equally ambitious solo project. ~ by Will Romano


What—a modern-jazz concept album? Well, it should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the New York drummer, who long ago taught us to expect the unexpected. ~ by Ken Micallef


Coming up, he couldn’t have known how far his melting-pot listening habits would one day lead him. ~ by Billy Amendola


Basics – Threes and Fives

Fills With Odd Groupings ~ by Jayson Brinkworth

Rock ’n’ Jazz Clinic – Groove Construction

Part 10: Exploring a Killer Cowbell Pattern ~ by Jost Nickel

Strictly Technique – Swiss Rudiments

Basel Drumming, Part 4 ~ by Claus Hessler

Rock Perspectives – Odd Subdivision Offbeats

Ten- and Fourteen-Note Groupings ~ by Aaron Edgar

Jazz Drummer’s Workshop – Beyond the Noteheads

Benefits and Strategies for Transcribing, Part 1 ~ by Steve Fidyk

Concepts – A New Year, A New You?

Reviewing and Renewing Your Goals, Part 2 ~ by Russ Miller


Product Close-Up
• Natal Café Racer Series Drumset
• Paiste Signature Rides
• Roland KT-9 and FD-9 Kick and Hi-Hat Controllers
• Gibraltar Beat EFX Bass Pedal Enhancers

Gearing Up: Nile’s George Kollias

New and Notable



AN EDITOR’S OVERVIEW – Signal to Noise

by Michael Dawson

Readers’ Platform: Do You Transcribe?



New Jamire Williams album, Hayley Cramer on tour with Pop Evil, and more

Showcase Featuring Drum Market



Tony Williams on Miles Davis’s Freedom Jazz Dance, Steve Gadd’s Way Back Home DVD, and more


2016 Sydney Vintage and Custom Drum Expo


Blue Öyster Cult’s Agents of Fortunee

Kit of the Month – Cocktail Convenience


Contest – Enter to win a DW Design series setup worth more
than $9,600!


February 2017 Issue of Modern Drummer magazine featuring Warpaint's Stella Mozgawa

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