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David Sandström of Refused: “New Noise” Drum Cam Video

David Sandström

When Swedish experimental hardcore band Refused offered MD Online a chance to host a video focusing on David Sandström playing the track “New Noise” at a recent concert, we were thrilled to oblige. The band, which reformed a couple years ago—you can read all about Sandtröm’s career in the February 2016 issue of Modern Drummer magazine, on sale here—has been touring the States behind its recent comeback album, Freedom. Sandström, for his part, isn’t exactly a “selfie” drummer who spends time watching playbacks of himself in action. In fact, upon viewing this clip of a recent performance of the cut from the band’s classic 1998 album, The Shape of Punk to Come, he admitted, “I was surprised to see my posture and grimaces. I don’t even recognize the style of playing…it’s very much an emotional thing. I won’t be looking at videos of myself playing again. But it’s cool to have it documented. I’m thinking of taking lessons and beginning to practice, which I’ve never really done.

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