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WhackBamThudd Presents Reel Rhythm Percussion Event

WhackBamThudd Presents Reel Rhythm Percussion Event


The 2016 WhackBamThudd drumset/Latin Reel Rhythm percussion event will take place at the Broadway Theatre, Saskatoon, Sask Canada on Saturday, June 4.

Hosted by Yamaha drum artists Brad King and Mark Kelso, this event elevates the year-end recital concept to new standards. Each student, regardless of age and length of time playing the drums, will perform live, either with the incredible house band or in a group ensemble. This performance is designed to take them out of the practice room and onto the lighted, professional sound stage with a capacity audience.

Sponsors include Yamaha, Sabian, Shure, Vic Firth, Remo, Hudson Music/Drum Guru, Modern Drummer, Paiste, and Evans.


For more information, email whackbamthudd@gmail.com.


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