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On the Beat With Denny Seiwell: Talks New Book, Trio, and Drums

Denny Seiwell
Hey MD drummers! How’s everybody doing? It’s Denny Seiwell checking in from Los Angeles. I’ve been playing drums since I was five years old. My dad was a drummer and I’ve had a pretty wonderful career that includes over two hundred or so albums/CDs, and a slew of TV shows and movie soundtracks.

Paul McCartney and Denny SeiwellMost of my career has been spent in the studio. My claim to fame is that I was the first one Paul McCartney asked to make music with after the Beatles split. I became a founding member of Wings with Paul and Linda after doing Paul’s album Ram in NYC. The early days with Wings produced some of the greatest records that I got to record—“Live and Let Die,” “My Love,” and many others. I was thrilled to be a part of his early days.

During my years as a session player I worked with a lot of the top producers in the business and learned a lot a great lessons. I wanted to pass these lessons on to drummers and I was asked by Alfred Publishing to write a book—sort of a legacy item of my many years in the studio—and I was thrilled for the opportunity. What Not to Play is a drummer’s guide to crafting a drum part. The book and DVD are my attempt to pass on some information that I’ve gathered over the years. I hope you enjoy the DVD and the stories I tell regarding those “classic” tracks that were recorded many years ago and are still very popular today.

Denny Seiwell

I still keep my hand in the studio and I play with two of the finest musicians I’ve ever made music with in the Denny Seiwell Trio. It’s magical and I’m more proud of this group than just about anything I’ve ever done. Google the Denny Seiwell Trio and check out some videos online.

Denny Seiwell's BookI can’t imagine my life without drums and drumming. The lifelong friends I’ve made through music have added an unbelievable richness to my life. Some of the work I’ve done over the years I would have done for free and some I did. It takes a lot more than talent these days. I hope you guys and girls find a passion to do something that will be beyond life altering and become part of the fellowship of musicians and drummers that has proud traditions to uphold.

Thank for reading and listening to my music.

Check out www.dennyseiwell.com for more info on the book, CDs, and other goodies.


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