April 2016 Issue of <em>Modern Drummer</em> featuring Joe Saylor

Joe Saylor on the April 2016 issue of Modern Drummer magazine


(Available digitally February 26, 2016; in print February 2, 2016)

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On the Cover

Joe Saylor

“The place you really learn how to play is on the bandstand. And it helps learning with people who can really play.”

If you’re wondering how Jon Batiste and Stay Human—including their real-deal drummer—can bring such an authentic, infectious vibe to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, all you need do is check out where the band members cut their teeth. – by Jeff Potter






HUGH GRUNDY’s hook-filled playing on the Zombies’ “She’s Not There,” “Tell Her No,” and “Time of the Season” represents the epitome of sophisticated, swingin’ British Invasion drumming. Fifty years on, recognition of his talents is at an all-time high. – by Dennis Diken Advertisement


CLIFF ALMOND may be a self-described “ex-Weckl clone,” but the New York–scene vet has more than come into his own, with Michel Camilo, Wayne Krantz, and the popular Japanese band Quruli. – by Ken Micallef


KEVIN MARCH made his name as a top-tier indie-rock journeyman with the Dambuilders, the Rentals, James Iha, and Shudder to Think. And for the past decade he’s been the go-to drummer with Guided by Voices’ impossibly prolific frontman, Robert Pollard. – by David Jarnstrom


GEORGIA HUBLEY and her beloved alt-rock band, Yo La Tengo, have been making magical music together for more than thirty years. MD sits down with the group’s founding drummer/singer to trace her unique history. – by Patrick Berkery Advertisement


LOUISE BARTLE starred on the popular British teen drama series Skins and backed pop starlets Selena Gomez and Eliza Doolittle. Now she powers the live shows of Brit-pop faves Bloc Party. – by Ken Micallef


Teacher’s Forum : Building a Teaching Business

From Breaking Ground to Finding Students – by Jeff Salem (click here for supplemental video content)

Basics: Backstage Warm-Ups

A Rudimental Routine for Balanced Hands – by Rich Redmond (click here for supplemental video content)

Strictly Technique : A Twist on the Buzz

6 Exercises for Smoother Rolls – by Greg Sundel

Rock ’n’ Jazz Clinic : Squashed Stickings

Getting Creative With Rolls – by James Murphy (click here for supplemental video content)

Jazz Drummer’s Workshop : Crossovers

10 Exercises to Improve Drumset Facility – by Steve Fidyk (click here for supplemental video content)

Concepts : Trolling

The “Greatest” Drummers and the Bliss of Ignorance – by Russ Miller


Shop Talk – DIY Cocktail Drumset A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Own Standup Kit – by Jordan Hill

Product Close-Up
• Bucks County Drum Company Semi-Solid Bebop Drumset click here for supplemental video content)
• Zildjian L80 Low Volume 468 Cymbal Pack (click here for supplemental video content)
• Ahead Switch Kick Quick-Release Bass Drum Beater System
• Chicago Drum Maple/Poplar and Mahogany/Poplar Snare Drums (click here for supplemental video content)

New and Notable


AN EDITOR’S OVERVIEW Time for a New Face

by Adam Budofsky

Readers’ Platform


It’s Questionable Drum Tuning Technique

Showcase Featuring Drum Market

Critique John Coltrane, Panic! at the Disco, Bill Stewart, and more

Backbeats London Drum Show 2015, Rich Redmond’s Third Annual Drummer’s Weekend in Nashville

Kit of the Month The Frankenstein

and more!

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