VIDEO DEMO! Bone Custom Mineral Maple Drumset

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Product Close-Up

Bone Custom Drums Mineral Maple Drumset

Strong visual aesthetics with the tones to back it up.

Although most North American drummers are likely not too familiar with Slovenia’s Bone Custom Drums, the company has been making high-end specialty instruments that marry striking design with world-class sound since 2005. Punk legend Marky Ramone even signed on to have a signature snare built for him, which is a 6.5×14, 20-ply maple drum with a black glitter finish and pink/black powder-coated tube lugs. Our curiosity about Bone was piqued at Winter NAMM 2015, where the company displayed some unique-looking drums, including the six-piece mineral maple setup we have for review. Let’s take a look!

Read the complete review in the August 2015 issue, which can be purchased at:

Review by Michael Dawson

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