News: Impression Launches Custom Cymbal Program

Impression Launches Custom Cymbal Program

Impression Cymbals and its exclusive North American distributor, ZimMusicInc, have announced the launch of the new Custom Cymbal Program.

The Custom Cymbal Program is accessed through the Impression Cymbals website at, where you can begin building b20 cymbals to your specific requirements. Users can choose among rides, crashes, hi-hats, splashes, Chinas, bells, or something otherwise indefinable, in sizes ranging from 6″ to 24″.

Other selectble options include profile, bell size, hammering, lathing, and finish. Users also have the ability to upload audio examples of a cymbal they want to replicate, and Impression’s master cymbalsmith will make suggestions based on an analysis of the tracks. Once the design and production schedule are approved, Impression will deliver the final product to a local dealer within sixty to ninety days. Prices are based on size and complexity.

“This is so exciting for drummers,” says Derek Zimmerman, president of ZimMusicInc. “Most customers can totally find their voice with Impression’s twelve different series, but let’s say you want a cymbal that sounds exactly like your favorite drummer and you just haven’t been able to quite find it, or you have a sound in your head that you have yet to find. This program allows you to create that special cymbal.” Advertisement

For more information, visit, or contact ZMI at 213 347-4964 or email