VIDEO LESSON! Elvin Jones–Style Triplet Fills, Part 3

The excerpt below is taken from the complete article that appears in the July 2015 issue,
which is available here.

Jazz Drummer’s Workshop

Elvin Jones–Style Triplet Fills

Part 3: More Two-Bar Patterns

by John Xepoleas

Welcome to the third and final lesson in our series on creating Elvin Jones–style triplet fills. This time we’re creating high-energy two-bar fills. We begin with the same sticking pattern we’ve been using throughout the series. Practice that until you’re totally comfortable with it and it becomes part of your muscle memory.

Next, play the right-hand part using the ride cymbal and bass drum, and then start moving the right hand to the toms. Check out the video below for demonstrations of the exercises included in the article.


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