Showroom: Vater Buzz Kill and Buzz Kill Extra Dry Dampeners

Vater BuzzKillDry

Buzz Kill is a drum and cymbal gel dampening system to control unwanted overtones. If needed, each gel can be cut to achieve the desired amount of dampening, whether used live or in the studio. Buzz Kill is super-tacky and can be used on batter and resonant heads. Reusable and easily cleaned with water, each Buzz Kill pack comes with six gels.

Buzz Kill Extra Dry features more weight and mass, which makes the pads ideal for larger drums and for getting a funky, super-flat snare sound. They reduces cymbal wash and overtones to produce dry, articulate sticking, especially on rides. Each Buzz Kill Extra Dry pack comes with four gels. Buzz Kill and Buzz Kill Extra Dry are clear to avoid visual distractions.

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