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Showroom: Rimshot-Locs Tension Rod Locking System

Rimshot-Locs Tension Rod Locking System

Rimshot-Locs, an all-metal drum tension rod locking system that prevents drums from going out of tune when rimshots are played, is now available across North America. The patented Rimshot-Locs are said to keep drums in tune for an entire gig, session, or tour.

Rimshot-Locs Tension Rod Locking System“When you hit a rimshot, the drum’s rim actually bends slightly downward under the force of the stick,” explains Rimshot-Locs inventor and company president, GT Albright. “That bend allows the tension rods to rotate ever-so-slightly. With each successive hit, the tension rods rotate a bit more, until your drum is out of tune. With Rimshot-Locs installed, the tension rods and the rim are physically locked together, making it impossible for the rim to bend or for the tension rods to turn.”

Rimshot-Locs is distributed in North America by MV Pro Audio. “We’ve always been a company that provided solutions for musicians,” noted MV Pro Audio associate director Mike Smith. “It’s hard to imagine a more effective, easy-to-use, and affordable problem-solver than Rimshot-Locs. And coming from an inventor in our own Southern Oregon backyard, they’re a perfect fit.”

Compatible with acoustic and electronic drums from all major manufacturers, including DW/PDP, Rimshot-Locs list for $19.99 for a set of ten.

Visit www.mvproaudio.com and www.rimshot-locs.com for more information.

Rimshot-Locs Tension Rod Locking System

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