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Showroom: Drum Brakes Strives to Eliminate Need for Rugs


Drum-Brakes-Taylor-Murphy-rug-altenative--2Drum Brakes provides drummers with a more convenient alternative to large, bulky drum rugs. Seven anti-slip pads easily place under each of the hi-hat legs, as well as under the bass drum spurs. In addition, placing one pad under the hi-hat pedal and one pad under the bass drum pedal will ensure the kit doesn’t during practice or performance. Drum Brakes work for all music styles, from jazz to hard rock.

“Drummers have a lot of equipment to lug around, more than any other musician in the band usually,” said Taylor Murphy, Drum Brakes creator. “Drum Brakes make setup and breakdown much simpler. They are super-easy to clean, and they are completely reusable.”

For more information on DrumBrakes, visit www.drum-brakes.com.

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