Showroom: Grover Pro KeeGee Piccolo Snare Drum

Grover Pro KeeGee Piccolo Snare Drum

The response of the new KeeGee piccolo snare drum is said to extend down beyond the ability of the ear to detect. The drum also is said to possess a powerful “bark” when pushed to the upper dynamic limits. The KeeGee moniker is taken from the very soft orchestral percussion excerpt from “Lt. Kijé Suite” by Serge Prokofief.

“This difficult passage is required material on virtually every major symphony percussion audition; aspiring professionals spend hours perfecting this important excerpt,” stated Grover Pro’s founder, Neil Grover.

Measuring a slim 3″ in depth by 14″ in diameter, the drum provides a standard playing surface to produce a wide array of sonorities. The execution of soft passages is facilitated by the shallow shell depth and Grover’s silver Performance snare wires. Available in natural and ebony finishes, each model lists for $500. Advertisement


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