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Showroom: Paiste Signature Cymbals and New PSTX, 602, and 2002 Models

Police drummer Stewart Copeland teamed up with Paiste Sound Development to design a small hi-hat for fine articulation yet crisp enough to cut through at all volume levels. The result is the 12″ Signature Combo Crisp hi-hat, also known as the Rhythmatist. The combo features a CuSn20 bronze top, for warmth and fullness, and a Signature bronze bottom for brilliance and precision. Played closed, the hi-hats produce a rather dry, crisp sound. The chick sound is full and razor-sharp. The Compo Crisp hi-hat is well suited for drummers who want to emulate Stewart’s nuanced style or for use as an auxiliary hi-hat.

To commemorate the 35th anniversary of its Rude series, Paiste collaborated with legendary metal drummer Dave Lombardo to create the 22″ Rude power ride, also known as the Reign. This extremely heavy ride features a cutting, metallic ping designed to sound clear in extreme volume situations. The large bell is aggressive and full. The classic raw look of the non-lathed 22″ Reign underlines its brute power, while the groove on the bell provides a shot of extra depth.


Paiste also introduced the PSTX, a collection of affordable effects cymbals. The Swiss models achieve a noisy, dirty, trashy sound by varied sizes of holes.

The 14″, 16″, and 18″ Swiss Thin crashes provide exotic, warm, deep crash sounds. They are said to be immediately responsive and fade just as quickly.

The 10″ Swiss splash produces very light, airy accents, and the 14″ Swiss Flanger crash responds very fast. Due to its low-tension construction, this cymbal features an explosive flanging and undulating sound. Both cymbals are well suited for striking with bare hands.

The 10″, 14″, and 16″ Swiss hi-hats have a dry, noisy sound that evokes the hi-hat tones of analog drum machines. With the 14″ Swiss Flanger Stack, both cymbals are mounted with the bells facing up. Depending on how much the pair is tightened on the stand, the sustain changes from a dry “chick” to shattering crash effects.

For the 9″ and 10″ Pure Bells, Paiste used aluminum for the first time. These bells distinguish themselves with a warm, calm, and pure tone.

Formula 602 Medium Ride 22
Formula 602 Medium Ride 22

The new Formula 602 Medium ride is an easy-to-control, pure-sounding, all-purpose cymbal. Clinic virtuoso Gergo Borlai, Berklee professor Henrique De Almeida, and drum genius Vinnie Colaiuta use the 20″ or 24″ versions on tour and in the studio.

The new 22″ Formula 602 Medium ride extends the assortment of Formula 602 Classic Sounds to thirteen models. It has a smooth, sparkling ping and a full, rich wash, as well as a clear yet unobtrusive bell sound.

2002 MegaBell 10
2002 MegaBell 10

Paiste’s 10″ 2002 Mega Bell adds a piercing, heavy bell sound with tremendous sustain to rock drummers’ setups, and it is well suited for percussionists and sonic experimenters.


For more information, visit www.paiste.com.


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