Vic’s Drum Shop in Chicago Selected as the First US Retailer for Sonor Vintage Series

Vic’s Drum Shop in Chicago, America’s largest independent drum retailer, has been chosen by the Sonor Drum Company to be the first store in the United States to sell its new Vintage series drums. The line of drums, which won the “Best in Show” award at this year’s NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Show, captures the look, feel, and sound of its predecessor, the Teardrop series.

“To celebrate [its] 140th anniversary, Sonor worked with artists and collectors to bring back the iconic Teardrop drums of the 1950s through early 1970s with its new Vintage Series,” says Victor Salazar of Vic’s Drum Shop. “We’ll be the first shop in the country to receive these magnificent kits later this month, and our customers can pre-order them immediately through our website.”

Like the original Teardrop drums, the Vintage series drums feature hand-selected premium German beech shells with rounded bearing edges. Sonor has recreated the look of the 1950s teardrop lug and updated it with the Tunesafe tuning system. Sonor also redesigned the Superprofil triple-flange hoops and brought back the Sonor logo and badge used between 1952 and 1961.

Vintage Series drums are available in three finishes (Vintage Natural, Vintage Onyx, and Vintage Pearl) and in two three”piece preconfigured shell sets (14×20 bass drum, 8×12 rack tom, and 12×14 floor tom or a 14×22 bass drum, 8×13 rack tom, and a 14×16 floor tom). A selection of add-on toms and snares are also available.


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