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Showroom: LP Groups Three Popular Products in a Cajon Accessory Pack

Showroom: LP Groups Three Popular Products in a Cajon Accessory Pack

LP has taken its three most popular cajon accessories, the cajon throne, foot tambourine, and small cajon castanet, and packaged them as one grab-and-go item, the LP Cajon Accessory Pack.

Victor Filonovich, LP’s Director of Product Development, said, “Among our growing list of cajon accessories, we saw that these three items were very popular with musicians and worked well together to enhance a player’s cajon performance. Bundling these them together makes any cajon a more comfortable, dynamic, and multi-voiced instrument and creates an affordable and convenient opportunity for any player to expand their sonic palette.”

The LP Cajon Accessory Pack makes individualizing a cajon quick and easy. By slipping the durable elastic band easily and securely onto the player’s shoe, the foot tambourines’ shimmering jingles can be used to play a sound pattern, pulse, or backbeat and the cajon castanets add a solid, bright crack to any cajon performance. The cajon throne adds comfort and eases playability. List price is $60.99.


To learn more, visit www.lpmusic.com.


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