Drummer Blog: Tera Melos’ John Clardy on Touring Drummer Tips, Part 2

Drummer Blog: Tera Melos’ John Clardy on Touring Drummer Tips, Part 2Hello again, fellow MD fans! In my last entry to this page, I wrote about some of the less obvious things I’ve found to be useful (and easy to carry) on the road. I got a good response about the things and tips I shared last time, and I wanted do a follow-up, but this time with a slight focus on hydration, which is good for everyone, drummer/musician or not.

A reusable water bottle is a great thing to carry around at any time. I prefer the Camelbak models, in particular the Chute, because they are well-built, BPA-free, and come with a lifetime guarantee. Many venues have been moving away from supplying bottled water to bands, and in the case of playing bars and DIY spots, you might be looking at getting a pitcher of water and a few flimsy plastic cups at best. It’s also great to have a resusable water bottle when you’re flying, especially overseas. As long as it’s empty, you can take it through security. And once you’re through, a coffee place or bar will usually fill the bottle with water for you for free. Flight attendants are usually cool about filling them up for you as well. This way you aren’t at the mercy of the six-ounce cup of water they offer you every two hours. The Chute model comes with an attached screw-off cap with the treads on the inside, and it’s quick and easy to drink from, fill, and clean.

Biosteel is essentially healthy Gatorade. It’s mostly made up of branch-chain amino acids, has no added sugar, is vegan, and is gluten- and banned-substance-free. You can buy Biosteel in a big container or in smaller single-serving packets. The latter is great for carrying in a backpack or something small. Typically, I save these for particularly hot stages or if I haven’t properly hydrated throughout the day. A Canadian strength-and-conditioning coach formulated Biosteel, and I really like the company is committed to making products from the cleanest ingredients possible. They also make a great vegan plant-based protein powder. Advertisement

Colgate Wisps are great for any kind of travel, especially when you sometimes sleep in a van on tour, like we do. It’s basically a mini-toothbrush with a small amount of toothpaste on it and a pick at the other end. You don’t have to wet the Wisp or rinse your mouth afterwards. These things do a very good job of cleaning your teeth, and they have come in very handy on tours consisting of long night drives and few nights sleeping at a motel or a friend’s house.


Photo by Saru