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Showroom: Gibraltar Launches Second-Generation Strap-Drive Cajon Pedal

Showroom: Gibraltar Launches Second-Generation Strap-Drive Cajon Pedal

Gibraltar’s Second Generation Strap Drive cajon pedal allows the drummer to use a cajon like a bass drum. Changes include fixed-position cable housings that keep the cable in-line, along with fixed-adjust CAM drives.

Ken Fredenberg, Gibraltar’s Director of Product, said, “Cajons are playing an increasingly important part in drummer’s setups, and players are finding new and inventive ways to use them. We wanted to simplify playing the cajon for drumset players, and with this ready-to-go, out-of-the box second-generation pedal, we’ve done that.”

The Strap Drive cajon pedal comes complete with the primary pedal and cable-mounted beater. The primary cable pedal allows for comfortable placement while keeping the cable out of the way. The mechanism is equipped with a ball style cajon beater and cajon pedal C-clamp mount. Spring adjustments on both components keep the action and cable tension secure. The fixed cable housings and cam arms keep the pedal’s feel consistent while the opposite component allows the placement of the beater at different areas of the cajon for varying tones and to provide room for simultaneous playing with both the beater and the hand. List price is $169.99.


For more information, visit www.gibraltarhardware.com.


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