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Showroom: Shure PSM 300 Stereo Personal Monitor Systems

Showroom: Shure PSM 300 Stereo Personal Monitor Systems

The PSM 300 introduces the clarity and precision of stereo, 24-bit digital audio to personal monitoring while bringing the custom-mix control that Shure PSM systems are known. PSM 300 has two offerings, one easy-to-use model designed for entry-level users (P3TR112GR), and a professional system (P3TRA215CL) with advanced features.

The P3TR112GR system delivers detailed digital audio and reliable wireless coverage that extends up to 300 feet. Ideal for entry-level users, the system comes equipped with one-touch frequency scan and IR sync to find and assign a clean wireless channel. Additionally, MixMode technology enables users of all levels to easily create their own personal mix. P3TR112GR systems come with a set of SE112 sound-isolating earphones.

The P3TRA215CL system offers advanced features and a rugged, all-metal body pack that has a high-contrast LCD screen with menu-based navigation, adjustable volume limiter, and EQ to further customize the sound. This system is compatible with the Shure SB900 lithium ion rechargeable battery. SE215 sound isolating earphones are included and feature enhanced bass and isolation from ambient noise.

“PSM 300 features rock-solid wireless performance, a wide stereo image, and the very best possible sound quality with low noise and great dynamic range,” says Matt Engstrom, category director for PSM products. “It’s also incredibly easy to set up and use. PSM 300 brings the level of performance and durability found in our industry-leading PSM 1000 and PSM 900 products to musicians and performers who don’t need the high channel count demanded by the top touring acts of today.”

In the Americas, PSM 300 operates in three 24 MHz frequency bands and can support up to fifteen compatible channels per frequency band. Shure PSM 300 Stereo Personal Monitor Systems retails for $699.


For more information, visit www.shure.com.


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