October 2014 Issue of <em><br>Modern Drummer</em> featuring <br>Ian Paice of Deep Purple!

(Available digitally August 26, 2014; on newsstands September 2, 2014)

On the Cover

Deep Purple’s Ian Paice

For almost fifty years, there’s been only one drummer in the legendary classic-rock band Deep Purple. And this is exactly as it should be. by “Pistol” Pete Kaufmann

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October 2014 Issue of Modern Drummer magazine Featuring Ian Paice of Deep PurpleAugust 2014 Issue of Modern Drummer Table of Contents Featuring Shannon LetoFEATURING

Shudder to Think’s Pony Express Record
– by David Jarnstrom

Catching Up With…
Simon Kirke /// Steve Fidyk /// Bob Pantella

Tim Very Owning it with Manchester Orchestra. by Ben Meyer

Tal Bergman Joe Bonamassa’s funky, fiery foil. by Robin Tolleson

Influences Bill Stevenson, punk drumming godhead. by Stephen Bidwell

Rudy Royston The bold jazzer makes his solo statement. by Ken Micallef

Ryan Brown Tackling Zappa Plays Zappa. by David Brensilver

Up & Coming Maya Tuttle of the Colourist. by Adam Budofsky


Basics: Power Triplets
Putting the Roll in Your Rock
by Rich Redmond

Strictly Technique: Duple/Triple Single-Diddle Gear Shifters
Part 1: 8th-Note Triplets and 16ths
by Bill Bachman

Around the World: Samba Starter
Part 4: The Mocidade School
by Adam Osmianski

Rock ’n’ Jazz Clinic: Groove Freedom
Part 3: 32nd-Note Patterns
by Mike Johnston

Jazz Drummer’s Workshop: Syncopation Revisited
Part 5: Afro-Cuban Applications
by Steve Fidyk

Concepts: Artistry Versus Commerce
Balance Is Everything
by Russ Miller


Collector’s Corner
• William S. Hart Snare

Product Close-Up
• Tama Silverstar Cocktail Jam Drumset
• CRX Xtreme Brilliant Cymbals
• Cympad Moderator Cymbal Washers
• Gibraltar 9600 Series Thrones
• Sabian Stick Flip

Electronic Review Drum Earz DRM-1X In-Ear Monitors

Gearing Up
The Faint’s Clark Baechle

Collector’s Corner
• Big Bertha

New and Notable


• Highway Star
by Billy Amendola

Readers’ Platform


It’s Questionable The Unglamorous Side of Gigging

Showcase Featuring Drum Market


Backbeats 2014 Chicago Drum Show

Kit of the Month Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

and more!