moe. No Guts, No Glory

On an album full of over-driven guitar, dreamy and sometimes ominous soundscapes, and strong melodic and lyrical content, Vinnie Amico’s drums refuse to be relegated to the background. Each beat is solid and soulful, serving the tunes with energy. Amico drives the delta-over-toned “White Lightning Turpentine,” mixing with the slide guitar and vibes, and he propels the double-time jam section of the anthemic “This I Know” with controlled fury. The drummer pushes toms to the fore under the guitar solo on the epic “Silver Sun”—showing great dynamics as he builds into a full-on kit assault—navigates the tricky acoustic turnarounds on “Calyphornya,” and gets a little rowdy with the Tex-Mex horns and reverb-drenched guitar on “Blond.” Meanwhile, “Billy Goat” could be a Primus jam, and, as throughout the album, the drums are right on the money. (Sugar Hill)

Robin Tolleson