by Dylan Wissing

The new Lyric series from the Turkish company Bosphorus was designed in close collaboration with modern jazz heavyweight Ari Hoenig. For those not yet introduced, Hoenig has a fiercely individual approach to jazz drumming, which is borne out in the character of this cymbal set.

The Lyric series consists of a 23″ ride, a 21″ sizzle ride with three rivets, and 14″ hi-hats. Gorgeous hand hammering and lathing are evident on all of the cymbals, creating visually beautiful instruments.

It took a little while for me to figure out how the cymbals worked as a set, mainly because of the substantial difference in weight between the rides and hi-hats. Both ride cymbals are quite thin and bendable, and they possessed the characteristic edge wobble of classic thin rides. The hi-hats, however, are almost what I would consider a “rock” weight, as both top and bottom are stiff and heavy—certainly not your garden-variety jazz cymbals.

For more on the Bosphorus Lyric Series cymbals, check out the complete review in the September 2014 issue of Modern Drummer, available here.