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Castle Drum Company Produces Tapered Stave Snares

Castle Drum Company produces made-to-order drums using a wide variety of exotic and domestic woods. Company founder, David Cheney, is a professional woodworker and drummer of over thirty years, and he specializes in building tapered stave snares with 14″ batter heads and 13″ resonant heads. These drums are said to have greater snare movement, sensitivity, action, and response.

The 6″ deep Keystone series model offers hyper-sensitive snare response at low dynamics and is ideal for those who like the sound of a 13″ drum, but miss the playability of a 14″. The 8″-deep Powder Keg model produces the low-end and girth of a deeper shelled snare without loss of de”nition. It is said to be perfect for the player looking to generate a thunderous crack yet still maintain the ability to play quietly. The Watch Tower is a ported version of the 6″ Keystone and is said to generate a crisp, dry attack that cuts through any mix.


For more information, including photos and videos, visit www.castledrumco.com.


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