Tired of shopping for drumsticks? Even Flow offers a mail-order subscription service.

Even Flow Drumsticks offers drummers a subscription service to receive drumsticks on a monthly basis. Subscriptions are available at three different tiers: one pair per month for $10, two for $20, or four for $35.

The company carries its own signature brand as well as models from various major manufacturers. Even Flow drumsticks are made from American hickory, and they come in 5A, 5B, 2B, 7A, and Rock sizes with a barrel-shaped tip and a medium taper. Nylon-tip models, in black or natural finish are also available.

“As a drummer, I was always breaking sticks and having to make a special trip to a store to purchase new ones,” said Brandon Grooms, founder of Even Flow Drumsticks. “I started this company to give drummers an affordable and convenient way to keep stocked with sticks at all times.” Advertisement


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