The EMAD Heavyweight bass drum head features two plies of 10mil film. The new Heavyweight snare batter employs two plies of 10mil film plus a 3mil reverse dot, for a total thickness of 23mil in the playing area. Both the EMAD Heavyweight bass drum head and Heavyweight snare batter feature the new Level 360 technology, which the company claims offers better fit, easier tuning, and a wider tonal range. The Level 360 collar on the EMAD Heavyweight is said to provide “a punch of low frequencies along with dynamic response and a wide tonal range.” The EMAD Heavyweight comes in sizes 18″ to 26″ and lists for $83.50 to $105.25. Available in sizes 12″, 13″, and 14″, the Heavyweight snare batter lists for $34.25 to $38.50.


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