Spaun’s Scymtek Cymbals Now Include Vented Series Jingle Crashes!

Scymtek Cymbals is now offering Jingle crashes within their Vented Series. The jingles can be removed, so the cymbals can be customized to individual tastes. The hole sizes are compatible with standard cymbal rivets, so drummers can also use combinations of jingles and rivets or nothing at all.

Brian Spaun, president and CEO of Scymtek and Spaun drums says about their latest b20 bronze beauties, “With effect cymbals becoming more and more popular with today’s drummers, our vented jingle crashes add another unique voice to complement their existing setups.”

Sizes offered are 16″, 17″, 18″, and 19″, and list prices range from $240 to $300.

For a video demo, go to, or look below.

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