Morgan Agren


Hello, MD readers! Morgan Agren here to fill you in on a quick update as to what I’ve been up to. Below are links to the new Mats/Morgan CD, Schack Tati, out now on Cuneiform Records and also some other news.

I played drums on Devin Townsend’s latest CD project, Casualties of Cool, and I’m doing a tour right now with a band called Karmakanic. I will be playing with Crimson ProjeKCt this summer (featuring Adrian Below, Tony Levin, and company).

I recorded an album with Janek Gwizdala and Alex Gunia (to be released soon), and I recorded a CD with Bill Laswell called Blixt (back in 2011, if you missed it). I’m still working on my upcoming solo album, Batterie Deluxe, which will be released in November 2014. Currently, there’s a Carl Kings documentary movie about me, called Conundrum, which is out now. Advertisement

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To watch Casualties Of Cool track “Forgive” by Devin Townsend look below.