Mapex Teams Up With Bandhappy For The Vans 2014 Warped Tour


Mapex Armory Drums and Falcon hardware will be the drum and hardware of choice for all Bandhappy lessons for the 43 city tour.

vans warped tour2Bandhappy is the biggest and easiest on-line teaching community connecting anyone wanting to take lesson with their favorite music hero. “It makes perfect sense that the Vans Warp Tour, which is the most successful music festival tour in the world, should offer music lessons in a real-time setting for all those attending“ states Mike Robinson, director of marketing for Mapex Drums.  “To be directly connected to drummers through the Vans Warp Tour and teaching resources like Bandhappy is one of best ways for Mapex to learn more about the consumer and what they truly want and to inspire people to learn the drums.”

A t the end of the tour the Mapex Armory Drums Set with the Mapex Falcon hardware will be awarded to one lucky Bandhappy participant.

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