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Enter to Win This Incredible Prize Package From Gretsch, Gibraltar, LP, KAT, and Sabian

Enter to Win This Incredible Prize Package From Gretsch, Gibraltar, LP, KAT, and Sabian

All-new Gretsch Marquee 5-Piece Kit Plus a 6.5×14 Aluminum Snare Drum With Wood Hoops

The kit features 7-ply maple shells with 30-degree bearing edges and includes an 18×22 bass drum, 7×8, 7×10, and 8×12 mounted toms, and a 14×16 floor tom.

Gibraltar 5-Piece Hardware Pack

The 9607PK hardware pack includes two Brake Tilter boom stands, a Brake Tilter straight cymbal stand, a hi-hat stand, and the Ultra Adjust snare stand.

Gibraltar Direct Drive Single Pedal

Gibraltar’s new Direct Drive pedal delivers a smooth and exacting feel.

LP Click Hi-Hat Tambourine With Brass Jingles

This version of the Click hi-hat tambourine features bright and crisp brass jingles.

LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell

This 8″ mountable Rock Ridge Rider cowbell features a durable red Jenigor ridge, which dampens the sound and keeps the bell from denting under even the hardest of hitters.

LP 8Micro Snare

This 8″-diameter, chrome-plated, steel-shell snare instantly adds an ear-piercing crack to any drumset.

KAT MultiPad

The KAT ktmp1 is a quick and easy solution to expand any setup. Playable with hands or sticks, this single module immediately puts 50 high-quality electronic drum, dance, and percussion sounds at your fingertips.

Sabian Cymbals

16″ and 18″ AAX X-Plosion crash cymbals. These “modern bright” crashes feature an explosive tone and a wide dynamic range at all volumes.

21″ AAX Raw Bell Dry ride. A ride for every style, this cymbal delivers bright, crystal-clear sticking at all volumes and a solid bright punch when played on the raw, unlathed bell.

The 10″ AAX Air splash offers a punchy, cutting splash that really opens up and breathes.

14″ AAX X-Plosion Hats. This medium top/medium-heavy bottom pairing provides an incredible foot chick. A high-profile bell and a sustain-enhancing process make the hats open and loud—or tight and articulate.


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