Crush Drums AXM Hybrid Series

Crush Drums
AXM Hybrid Series


Crush Drums AXM Hybrid SeriesCrush Drums AXM Hybrid Series

Originally available only in high-gloss vintage sunburst, the Sublime AXM series, featuring ash and North American maple hybrid shells, is now offered in trans satin black and high-gloss white with silver sparkle finishes. The series includes 6-ply toms with maple reinforcement rings and 2.3 mm hoops, 8-ply bass drums, and 10-ply snare drums with 2.3 mm reverse-flange hoops. Additional features include Crush’s four-point X-Suspension mount, double 45-degree bearing edges on toms, single 45-degree bearing edges on snares, and double 45-degree edges on the batter side of the kick with a fully round edge on the resonant side. Shell packs include a tom holder. List prices range from $2,000 to $2,225.