Roi Star, drummer for popular Israeli singer Mookie, is proud to announce the first Israeli Drum Off in Tel Aviv this coming September. Judges include well-respected Israeli drummers Asher Fedi, Tomer Z, Doron Refaeli, and Nati Cohen, guitarist Shmulik Budagov, bass player Avi Yfrach, and Drummers 4 Drummers forum owner, Alon Wenger.

All drummers who wish to audition are welcome to submit a link to a short video of them playing a solo. The best submissions will be called to audition on camera. The winner will receive a custom AB maple drumset and will also be featured on the Modern Drummer blog and social media pages.

Links to solos can be sent to [email protected]. Videos must be submitted by July 1, 2014 to be eligible.


The Israeli Drum Off is sponsored by Modern Drummer, AB drums, Soultone cymbals, and Drummer 4 Drummers forum.

Israeli Drum Off 2014