Electronic Review: Lewitt Audio DTP Pro 7 Drum Mic Pack and LCT Condensers (From April 2014 Issue)

by John Emrich

Direct from Lewitt Audio, we have a new entry in the drum microphone market, the DTP Beat Kit Pro 7, plus a pair of LCT 240 side-address condensers. Let’s jump right in.

The DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 ($1,699) includes seven microphones designed for the different instruments on a drumset: the DTP 640 REX for bass drum, the MTP 440 DM for snare, three DTP 340 TTs for toms, and two LCT 340 overheads. The kit comes with clips and mounting brackets for the snare mic and the three tom mics, so all you need to add is a short stand for the bass drum mic and a pair of stands for the overheads.

Here’s an audio sample of the microphones in action (click here).


For more on these Lewitt Audio mics, check out the complete review in the April 2014 issue of Modern Drummer magazine.