<em>MD</em> Columnist Rick Long

MD Columnist Rick LongIn my last blog entry, I mentioned that I was making efforts to study with a couple of the great drummers while continuing to write freelance for Modern Drummer. I’m living in Kansas City now and am finding the music scene here to be quite active and strong. I’m playing, teaching, and writing more than ever.

What I didn’t mention in that last blog entry was that I had just finished treatments for throat cancer. I’m blessed to report today that I am five years out from that ordeal and doing very well, health-wise and career-wise.

During my cancer treatments, experience from my work as a registered nurse helped me develop a set of tips and tricks to minimize the negative effects of the radiation and chemotherapy. I knew I wanted to live and keep drumming, so I worked on finding ways to counteract the negative parts of the treatments while giving my body the time it needed to benefit from the helpful elements. Advertisement

I knew this advice could benefit any cancer patient or survivor, so I decided to write a book that would contain the tips and tricks and some motivational moments from my story. The title of the book is The Nurse Who Had Cancer and Became a Rock Star.

The “rock star” part of the title really refers to the concept that we are all rock stars. We all have an instrument we play. It might be a drumset or guitar for a musician or a set of tools for a mechanic. We all have a song to sing—something we are passionate about and want to express to people. We all have fans. They may be the friends from our high school days or the kid next door. Whatever the case, practice your instrument, and sing your song. Your fans are depending upon you. Don’t let it take cancer to bring out your inner rock star.

The book is published online through in the Kindle format. You don’t have to own a Kindle Reader to access the book. It can easily be read on computers, iPads, and smartphones using free software available from amazon. To find the book, and links to the software readers if you need them, simply go to and search for The Nurse Who Had Cancer and Became a Rock Star. Advertisement

The book is a quick read, and it is my hope that you will enjoy my story. But more than that, I hope you will refer the book to those you know that are experiencing a cancer episode or have survived cancer and are getting back to life. I survived my cancer experience very well and used it as a motivation to make positive life changes. I would like to help others do the same.


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