James Forsberg of RapScallions

James Forsberg of RapScallionsHey everyone! My name is James Forsberg, and I am the drummer for the California rock band RapScallions. I grew up in British Columbia, Canada, and made the move to Southern California in 2006. I started playing drums when I was fourteen years old. Some of my first influences were Mitch Mitchell, Chad Smith, and Mike Portnoy. With time, I grew to love John Bonham’s grooves, Carter Beauford’s technical playing, and Taylor Hawkin’s rock and roll style.

When I joined RapScallions, I knew right away that the chemistry was special when I played with bassist Chris Clemence, guitarist Dario Forzato, and singer Sergio Ochoa. We all have a strong musical connection, and I’m excited to tell you our new record, In My Head, is out now. All six songs on this record will be featured in RockBand 3 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, so be sure to download them and drum along!

We recorded the new record at Phantom Vox studios, in Hollywood, California, with Producer Wendy Starland. Wendy discovered and developed Lady Gaga and has worked with Moby, Capone, and others. Working in the studio with her was one of my favorite experiences. She makes sure she gets the absolute best out of your performance. Advertisement

I endorse Pro-Mark, Evans, and Truth drums, and I have been using Zildjian cymbals for all of the ten years I have been drumming. My current setup includes a 16×22 kick, 9×13, 16×16, and 16×18 toms, and a 25-ply 8×14 snare. My cymbals include a 20″ EFX crash, 20″ A Custom crash, 20″ Rezo crash, 20″ Oriental China, 22″ A Custom ride, and 15″ New Beat hi-hats. I also use DW hardware, a Latin Percussion Ridge Rider cowbell, Pro-Mark 5B drumsticks, Evans G2 coated toms batters, and a coated Power Center on the snare.


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Photo by Dom Greco