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Product Close-Up: Antonio True Solid Snare

Antonio True Solid maple snare

April 2013

Product Close-Up

Antonio Drums

4 1/2×14 True Solid Maple Snare

by Michael Dawson

Antonio Drums is a small company based in Croatia that operates under the direction of master drum builder Anton Sutej (“Shoe-tay”). Sutej’s specialty is making single-piece instruments, with either steam-bent shells or what he calls “true solid” construction, which is a basically a drum carved from a hollowed log. The snare we have here is a 4 1/2×14 True Solid maple with eight proprietary tube lugs, twenty-strand Canopus snare wires, and a Dunnett R40 throw-off. The shell is 7 mm thick, and there are 15 mm reinforcement rings on top and bottom.

Click below to listen to this drum played at a variety of tunings.



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