Between The Buried And Me <em>The Parallax II: Future Sequence</em>

Between the Buried and Me - The Parallax II: Future Sequence





Over an appropriately cinematic soundscape, The Parallax II: Future Sequence investigates perpetually relevant issues like the destructive nature of humanity. Likewise, the band continues to be on the cutting edge of modern progressive metal, and like the best drummers in this style, Blake Richardson once again shows the ability to make the most intricate and polyrhythmic beats sound natural and even groovy. True to the band’s experimental approach, Parallax II features a host of styles and instrumentations—check out Richardson’s playful incorporation of blocks and a surf beat on “Bloom”—and it’s difficult to pin down any one thing for long. “Telos” is a standout on the record, for the group and its skinsmith. Richardson jumps from blistering whole-kit assaults to jazzy rimclicks to an incredibly infectious half-time shuffle feel and back again over the course of a captivating ten minutes. To watch Richardson and band perform the piece during the band’s 2012 Summer Slaughter outing, go here. (Metal Blade)

Billy Brennan