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I’m a British drummer based in the town of Glastonbury, famous for its music festival. I’m currently splitting my time between teaching, gigging, and recording sessions for people all over the world.

My latest offering comes in the form of a tuition book, Paradiddle Creativity, which is out now. Search Amazon to grab a copy, or head to to get five pages for free. The idea for the book came from many of my past teachers, who told me that rudiments were important, and then showed me the paradiddle and how to use it to blaze around the kit. While this sounded cool, I couldn’t connect the dots between that simple eight-note sticking and all these cool grooves and fills they were playing. This book is designed to connect the dots. It starts on the snare, with some accents, and then moves to the toms and cymbals and through different subdivisions. It’s laid out in a logical step-by-step way, which hopefully makes sense going from beginner-type ideas through advanced patterns.

When it comes to teaching, I teach all ages, abilities, and styles, locally and online. I like to focus lessons on what the student wants. If their aims are to have a jam with some friends, I help them to learn the grooves to their favorite songs. If the student has dreams of being a professional musician, I focus lessons on being well rounded in many styles, as well as learning rudiments, performance techniques, and even how to record drums. Whatever their aims, I like to help students plan a structured practice routine that will fit into the lifestyle they lead, so they make continued progress and always know what they are going to practice when they sit down at a kit. Advertisement

When I’m not teaching, I gig with the original band Design. We are a three–piece indie-pop band with male and female vocals. We are currently working on our first EP, which should be out in the first part of 2013. We will then be doing a UK and European tour to promote it. We will be releasing rehearsal footage in the run up to whet your appetite. Head to our Facebook page to keep up to date with our releases (

With what little time I have left in my day, I like to spend it in the studio. I run Chicken Shed Studio here in Glastonbury, and I use it to record sessions for people all over the world. It’s amazing how small the world is becoming. I recently played on a project for a guy from Nashville, and while there must be hundreds of people there suitable to play on his record, somehow he chose me. I also get to work with local bands and singer-songwriters. It’s great fun getting to be on both sides of the glass. It helps me to understand the role the drums play within the song when I’m the one recording rather than playing on the tracks.

If you have any questions about me, my book, my bands, or lessons, feel free to get in touch.


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