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Greg Skaff 116th & Park

GREG SKAFF 116th and Park

This is jazz guitarist Greg Skaff’s third successive exploration of the classic B3/guitar/drums format—but with a difference. Although Skaff’s fat-toned hollow-body sound and swing feel are rooted in tradition, his concept is subtly informed by the modern, along with hints of funk, Brazilian, and even a brief nod to flamenco. The popping guitarist wields impressively nimble chops but avoids needlessly blowing licks from top to bottom. Instead, his solos are purposeful and non-repetitive. Organist Pat Bianchi is a soulful complement to Skaff, and Ralph Peterson supplies a hard-swinging, rough-and-tumble groove, mischievously stirring things up with deftly placed, explosive comments that spur the band to take chances. Peterson and Skaff previously communed as bandmates behind both Stanley Turrentine and Bobby Watson, and their simpatico shows. Smooth yet never complacent, this trio keeps the ideas rolling. (Zoho)

Jeff Potter