Sabian “Cymbal Vote” Back For 2013!

News Sabian Cymbal Vote

Throughout September and October, drummers around the world will get to decide which new cymbals Sabian will release in 2013 – but this time around, many of you will be able to play them in person before you vote!

Sets of the 12 new cymbal models developed by the super-innovative cymbal geeks in the Sabian Vault will be shipped to many of the finest drum shops around the world, allowing you to play before you vote. At some events, Sabian artists will be on location to test the cymbals right along with you.

If you can’t get out and play the cymbals in person, the Cymbal Vote website will once again feature very cool video of Sabian artists playing and discussing the 12 cymbals. Players such as Mike Portnoy, Ray Luzier, and Tony Royster Jr. will take the cymbals for a test-drive, and will make their opinions heard loud and clear! Advertisement

For a complete listing of Cymbal Vote events worldwide, and descriptions and video of all 12 new cymbal models, please visit