Improve Your Bottom Line, Part 3: Bass Drum Comping in 5/4

Improve Your Bottom Line, Part 1: Bass Drum Comping in 4/4 by Steve Fidyk

November 2012
Jazz Drummer’s Workshop
Improve Your Bottom Line
Part 3: Bass Drum Comping in 5/4

by Steve Fidyk

Welcome to the third and final installment in this series on bass drum comping. This time we’ll be working in 5/4. The phrases included in the article are intended to help you develop dynamic balance with your bass drum foot in unison with your three other limbs. They are also designed to inspire you to improvise with your bass drum foot handling rhythms generally played on the snare drum.

When practicing the patterns, center your attention on the ride cymbal, hi-hat, and bass drum rhythms, keeping the sounds dynamically balanced as one unit. In addition, focus on keeping the bass drum beater rebounding approximately 2″ off the head to obtain a soft, round sound. (Don’t bury the beater into the head!)


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