DW Black-Nickel Over Brass Snare

Collector's Series Black Nickel-Brass 5.5x14

November 2012
Product Close-Up
Black Nickel Over Brass Collector’s Series Snare

by David Ciauro

It’s common for drummers to hunt for a snare that they feel best represents who they are as a player—an extension of their personality. Although we may fantasize about never having to compromise our aesthetic, it’s impractical to assume that the sound we feel defines us is also the sound that will be universally accepted in all applications.

Enter the world of the workhorse snare, a drum that possesses chameleon-like qualities that capture a variety of essences while also providing a pleasurable playing experience for the drummer. DW’s 6 1/2×14 Black Nickel Over Brass Collector’s series snare is one such drum. This beauty has a thin 1 mm brass shell plated with black nickel, plus ten lugs, chrome hardware, and the innovative MAG snare strainer mechanism, which comprises a three-position butt plate and a magnetic throw-off.


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