Meinl Vintage crashesMeinl Jazz Medium ride22" Jazz Big Apple ride

Byzance Vintage Crashes and Jazz Ride Additions

by Michael Dawson

The Byzance series is Meinl’s high-end line of B20 bronze cymbals forged in the company’s Turkish factory. These instruments are designed to be unique and highly musical, ranging from the classic sounds of the Traditional, Brilliant, Jazz, and Vintage lines to the moodier and more articulate tones of Dark and Extra Dry models. For review this month are a pair of huge, paper-thin Vintage crashes (20″ and 22″), full-bodied 20″ and 22″ Jazz Medium rides, and a slightly flat 22″ Jazz Big Apple ride designed in tribute to the epicenter of jazz, New York City.

Click below to listen to the Meinl Vintage crashes.


Click below to listen to the Meinl Jazz Medium ride.


Click below to listen to the 22″ Jazz Big Apple ride .



For the complete review, check out the October 2012 issue of Modern Drummer