Improve Your Bottom Line, Part 2: Bass Drum Comping in 3/4 (VIDEO)

October 2012

Jazz Drummer’s Workshop

Improve Your Bottom Line

Part 2: Bass Drum Comping in 3/4

by Steve Fidyk

Continuing with the concept introduced in the last issue, this article explores bass drum comping ideas in 3/4. The phrases included here are intended to help you develop dynamic balance with your right foot in conjunction with your three remaining limbs.

The legendary jazz drummers Max Roach and Joe Morello were among the first to explore and improvise within 3/4 time. The rhythmic ideas these masters developed were solid yet loose and fluid. For inspiration, check out Jazz in 3/4 Time (Roach) and Time Out (Morello with Dave Brubeck).

As you practice the example in the article, strive to keep each instrument’s sound balanced dynamically with the remaining limbs.


Check out the complete article in the October 2012 issue of Modern Drummer for additional insight.