Gibraltar Turning Point Series Cymbal Stands (VIDEO)

Turning Point Series Cymbal Stands

by Miguel Monroy


Always keeping the drummer in mind, Gibraltar has released a new line of hardware, dubbed the Turning Point series, with two important objectives: to lighten the load and to make for faster cymbal changes. We recently received three Turning Point stands, two from the 6000 series and one from the 9000 series, to check out for review.


Swing Nut

All three stands that we received featured the new Swing Nut cymbal mounting system. This system eliminates the need for wing nuts by incorporating a unique cymbal tilter that utilizes a small, swiveling metal bar that can be easily moved between a vertical and a horizontal position, thus allowing the cymbal to be quickly removed and replaced. While in the horizontal position, the bar holds the top cymbal felt securely in place. After I mounted a cymbal, I was able to fine-tune the amount of tension on it by adjusting the spring tension assembly, which sits below the bottom cymbal felt.


6000 Series Straight and Boom Stands

Turning Point 6000 series cymbal stands boast all the rugged features that you’d expect from Gibraltar, while utilizing lighter-weight and lower-mass elements for easier transport. We received the 6610TP straight stand and the 6609TP boom stand. Both models feature a three-tier, hinged height adjustment that goes from 1 1/4″ to 1″ to 7/8″. Additionally, each height adjustment has cast-metal parts with ABS inserts that eliminate metal-on-metal contact. The stands also came equipped with memory locks, which I could change easily with a standard drum key. The double-braced tripod assembly consistently provided maximum stability as I tested the stands in several positions. Advertisement


9000 Series Cymbal Stand

Turning Point 9000 series cymbal stands have chrome-plated arrow-shaped legs made from L-stock aluminum, which reduces each stand’s weight by 20 percent. We received the 9709UA-TP for review, which features several upgrades and innovations. The first is the Gearless Brake Tilter that can rotate and be positioned at nearly any desired angle. The tilter can be tightened with a wing nut and also comes with a backup positioning system that secures the cymbal in place with the use of a standard drum key. Another upgrade on this stand is the Super Lock hinged height-adjustment system, which eliminates metal-on-metal contact and includes a wing-nut-adjustable memory lock.

The highlight of the 9709UA-TP cymbal stand was the second-tier Ultra Adjust gearless positioning arm. This new system is a game changer, as it allows you to adjust the entire top tier of the stand, which includes a 10″ mini hideaway boom arm, into virtually any imaginable position. The arm is locked into place by tightening a T-rod. I tested the Ultra Adjust arm in several positions, and it never gave even the slightest indication of slipping or moving out of place. I was able to set the stand any way I needed to, and it always maintained superior stability.


Final Thoughts

The Turning Point series from Gibraltar is a successful attempt to answer the cries of working drummers wanting flexible, lighter, and more efficient hardware. The new Swing Nut provides for faster cymbal changes, while the lighter stands are much easier to transport. Then there’s the new Ultra Adjust arm, which offers the utmost in positioning flexibility. Once again, Gibraltar has proven itself as a company dedicated to providing a full spectrum of hardware options to meet the needs of any drummer. Advertisement

Check out a video demo of the Gibraltar Turning Point Series Cymbal Stands below.
To read the review, check out the October 2012 issue of Modern Drummer