Zach Hill’s Death Grips Drum Cam

Check out this footage of Zach Hill playing the song “Lost Boys” from Death Grips’ upcoming album The Money Store. According to Zach, “The album track started with a live drum take, so when playing to it live, I’m actually playing and improvising over myself. I’m not using in-ear monitors; it’s a pretty raw setup. I’m keeping time by what’s blasting out of the monitor.

“The song is in 4/4 for the most part,” Zach adds. “The chorus goes half time and has a strange stutter to it.”

Hill is playing a three-piece setup consisting of kick, snare, and floor tom, with a single pedal. “The trashier-sounding cymbal on my right is a stainless-steel Three Belled ride,” he explains. “The snare is stainless steel as well, and both were made for me by Gregg Keplinger.

“This was filmed on February 29 at our rehearsal studio in Sacramento, California. The song itself is inspired by the legendary punk band the Wipers.”

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