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Meinl Fiberglass Didgeridoos and Thomas Lang Practice Pads

Meinl Fiberglass DidgeridoosNew Meinl fiberglass didgeridoo feature a flared bell for enhanced sound projection. They’re 57″ long and come in two different finishes featuring a hand-painted design. Each instrument is tuned to a specific note.

 Thomas Lang Practice Pads

The two new Thomas Lang practice pads have a distinctive look featuring Lang’s own tribal ring design along with the drummer’s autograph. The 6″ pad’s round shape and small size make it easy to store and carry, even in a stick bag. The pad is mountable on a normal cymbal stand, and the bottom is covered with foam to prevent sliding. The 12″ model, which also features a no-slip bottom, is made for quiet practicing on a snare drum and can mount in a standard snare stand. Both pads provide a realistic playing feel with natural rebound.

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